Gates of Vienna skriver om gårdagens Uppdrag Granskning

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Gates of Vienna skriver om gårdagens Uppdrag Granskning

Post  Robin Shadowes on Thu 15 Dec - 8:27

Inlägget är så pass bra att jag kopierar det rakt av bara.

Earlier this evening (around 2pm our time) a documentary about the Transatlantic Counterjihad was aired by SVT, the Swedish state broadcaster. For an hour or so our blog experienced an enormous surge in traffic, caused almost entirely by searches conducted from .se domains — i.e. in Sweden.

Presumably any number of these curious arrivals from Scandinavia have never visited Gates of Vienna in the past. So we bid you welcome! All you newcomers are invited to take a look around and read for yourselves what we have to say.

My Scandinavian contacts tell me that the SVT program was a hit-piece aimed at sites like this one, and was obviously intended to discredit and damage the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna), in particular Kent Ekeroth. I’m also told that it featured a number of screenshots of Gates of Vienna pages, which presumably sparked all those searches.

With that in mind, I suggest that our new Swedish readers spend some time going through our archives and reading what we have to offer. Fjordman’s essays will be of particular interest, but posts by El Inglés, Paul Weston, and Takuan Seiyo are also worth a look. If you work your way back month by month, you’ll find numerous translations from the Scandinavian languages, plus original essays by Norwegians, Danes, Finns, and Swedes.

When you’ve read a suitable selection of these articles, here are seven review questions you may wish to consider:

1. Now that you have read the actual essays written by contributors to this site, does the description of Gates of Vienna presented by SVT seem to reflect accurately what you have found here?
2. Do our articles incite violence, as asserted by your state broadcaster?
3. Do we, the Islam-critics of the Transatlantic Counterjihad, seem more violent and dangerous than the hundreds of thousands of third-world immigrants that your government has invited into Sweden?
4. You have now acquired a concise working knowledge of Islamic scripture, theology, and jurisprudence. Do you agree with your taxpayer-funded television company that the Sweden Democrats pose a greater danger to Sweden than the Muslim immigrants who inhabit the no-go zones of Malmö, Gothenburg, and the suburbs of Stockholm?
5. Do you think your political leaders truly have your interests, the interests of the indigenous people of Sweden, at heart? Or are they instead serving the interests of supranational organizations, such as the European Union, the United Nations, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation?
6. Be honest: are you comfortable with the idea of living with a majority — or even a substantial minority — of Muslim immigrants in the neighborhoods around you? With their children making up the bulk of the pupils at your local schools? With the Islamic men with their multiple wives and numerous children drawing extensive welfare payments? Or would you prefer that Sweden be mainly populated by “persons of Swedish background”?
7. If you have fair-haired blue-eyed children under the age of ten, what kind of life do you envision for them in, say, the year 2030? How about 2050?

When you have answered the above questions, you can send your answers to SVT, or to your member of Parliament, or to Prime Minister Reinfeldt. But you might just as well fold them up, stick them in a bottle, insert a cork, and throw the bottle into the Gulf of Bothnia, for all the good it will do you.

After reading extensively here at Gates of Vienna, you will have come to understand why the Swedish ruling class is so determined to keep you in the dark about what they have done to your country.

If they ever had to admit the truth — that they have imported thousands and thousands of unassimilable parasitic immigrants into the country, and deliberately destroyed traditional Swedish culture to be more “inclusive” of the newcomers — they would be in a bind. They would have to do something about the problem, or face political ruin.

Doing something about it at this late date would be expensive, difficult, and possibly spark civil violence. Your rulers see no percentage in that course of action, so they prefer to continue blindly down the road they have chosen for themselves, driving their country into ruin whilst they relax in wealthy enclaves, protected from the depravity and degradation they have forced upon everyone else.

The current generation of Swedish leaders will earn themselves a dubious place in history — assuming that there is any history of this period not written in Arabic or Chinese — as the rulers who betrayed their country, who destroyed their homeland, who deliberately obliterated more than a thousand years of proud Swedish history.

And all for what?

They didn’t sell their birthright for a mess of pottage. They gave it away for nothing.

This is what Sweden has come to. This is what all of the West will eventually come to, but Sweden got there first.

You can send this post to SVT, but don’t expect them to broadcast it. The truth is the last thing they want you to hear.

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Re: Gates of Vienna skriver om gårdagens Uppdrag Granskning

Post  Stratiotes Iesous C on Thu 15 Dec - 9:14

Din länk är skev igen :D
Ta bort #more från länken så kommer man till början av artikeln.

Den korrekta går så här:

För övrigt en kul och sorgsen artikel på samma gång.
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